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Iso TanksIso Tanks

• HOYER owns around 37,000 tank containers.

From standardised tank containers to custom in-house developments for special products, HOYER covers a broad range of customer requirements.

• Besides transport, HOYER also offers tank

container leasing. All tank containers are regularly subjected to inspections. They also have all required certificates and attestations.

• Special developments in the chemical sector

include for example innovative insulation technology for hot and cold insulation, intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating systems, pump equipment as well as lined tanks.

• In the food sector there is also special equipment available

In the food sector there is also special equipment available

Reefer containers with integrated cooling and heating systems, containers with baffle walls, multicompartment containers for the transport of smaller quantities as well as tank containers for kosher products.

Apart from cryogenic or T75 containers for IMO 7 products (cryogenic liquefied gases) HOYER also possesses pressurised gas or T50 containers for IMO 5 products (liquefied gases under pressure) in the gas sector.