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Flexi TanksFlexi Tanks

What is a Flexi Tank?

• An ideal product to transport all kinds of nonhazardous liquids and chemicals, generally in a standard 20′ dry container. • Can be loaded with a variety of non – hazardous liquids such as latex, wine, lubricants, additives, edible oils and many more.

• The one-way disposable Flexitank virtually eliminates the possibility of contamination and is easily disposed off without causing any environmental issues.

What the benefits of Flexi Tanks?

• Simple, reliable and economical

• Fast loading / discharging time

• High space utilization

• Environment friendly

• No risk of cargo contamination

• Low storage cost for empty tanks

• Covered by a factory warranty and product liability insurance

  • Flexitanks are a safe and inexpensive alternative for transporting demanding bulk liquids such as food products in sizes ranging from 14 mto 24 m3. Compared to drums, a significant savings of volume per delivery is possible.
  • HOYER has an own flexitank production in Southeast Asia. This allows better quality control and gives pricing flexibility to ensure continued growth in both manufacturing and transport services.
  • The modern generation of flexitank containers has double-walled bulkheads and an improved shape, lowering pressure on the doors, enabling the flexitank to be installed more easily and safely and making it more robust overall.
  • HOYER offers its customers a high-quality 3D animated introduction to the loading and unloading of flexitanks. No matter the quantity, technical assistance can be arranged at any time

Comparison in 20′ FT container